Workshop - Developing Speaker Confidence

Workshop – Developing Speaker Confidence


Glow, Talent Table & Strivin have teamed up to launch a public speaking workshop to inspire and encourage you to embrace the power of communication in the business world. 

Mark Twain once said “There are two types of speakers: Those who get nervous and those who are liars.” A fear of public speaking is more common than you’d think and this workshop is the ticket you need to overcome your hesitant relationship with presenting. 

Build the skills you need to feel confident in your public speaking ability.

Course outline:


  • Thursday 16th September – 11am – 12.15pm
  • Thursday 23rd September – 11am – 12.15pm

Event format:

Our interactive virtual workshops are made up of 10 people, encouraging a collaborative and supportive learning environment. The course will be led by Liv from Glow and will be split into two 75 minute sessions. Prior to kick off and between the sessions, we will utilise the Strivin platform as a place to ask questions and share tips and activities to support you in this journey. This workshop is a space to learn and to cheer each other on. 

First Session:

  • Liv from Glow will take the mic and share her techniques and strategies for developing embodied speaker confidence.

Second Session:

  • You will be handed the mic for a two minute practice round where you can test out a couple of the techniques you learned in week one. 

Introducing our host, Liv from (Glow):

“I’m Liv from (Glow) and I’ve been an actor and presenter for over 25 years. I’ve worked in and around recruitment and TA for a looong time and in 2017 I fused together my skills, creativity and my love for helping professionals to become more present, more embodied and more powerful at presenting on stages and connecting with their audience.

Find me on LinkedIn and follow #GlowWithLiv for all my free tips and strategies!”

More about Liv/Glow:

I design group and organisation wide training and workshops for teams and leaders to help create: 

  • Compelling presenters for in-person events and meetings
  • Employees that glow in employer branding videos
  • A happy screen culture at work that includes kickass online hosts 
  • Engaging storytellers with presentations that emotionally connect to their audience 

This event is sponsored by Talent Table

Andrea from Talent Table would love to feature some new faces in her events. So, if you’d like to discuss possible speaking engagements with Andrea after the workshop, she can facilitate a safe environment for you to try out your new-found public speaking skills.



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