Women Thrivin in Leadership

Everyone has the potential to do wonderful things. Driven by autonomy, mastery, and purpose, we’re all motivated to be better at something that matters. When you’re connected to a coach or a squad of like-minded people, you’re more likely to put in the work required to get there. This is why we’ve put together a catalogue of programs aimed at helping you take, with confidence, the next step in your career.

These programs designed to empower you to reclaim control of your career, unleashing your ambition and potential.


3 month program

For women leaders at the Head of or Director level, or equivalent, who have significant experience in leadership roles and are passionate about further developing their skills and expanding their professional network.

Emerging Leaders Program

6 month program

For any women that were recently promoted to leadership positions or are progressing towards promotion. Cohort members are driven and passionate about learning, but may not have received formal leadership training before.

P&C Mastermind Group

The P&C Mastermind Group is here to shake things up for women in the workplace. A space dedicated to helping P&C leaders discover new ideas, motivating stories and a network of other supportive trailblazing individuals all looking to uplift female leaders within their businesses. 

Bringing Women into Tech

12 week program

This program is tailored for resilient and ambitious non-tech women who are eager to pivot into rewarding careers within the dynamic tech industry.

book: Women In Leadership

Our latest ‘Women in Leadership’ book. 100 Stories packed with honest and direct advice. Shared struggles and fresh perspectives. Delve deep into their powerful tales of obstacles faced, glass ceilings broken and vital lessons learned along the way. No matter how you identify, this book makes for a compelling and inspiring read for people from all walks of life.