Women in Tech Program

A program for empowerment, transition, and success in the tech industry for non-tech women.

This 12-week transition program is tailored for resilient and ambitious non-tech women who are eager to pivot into rewarding careers within the dynamic tech industry. 

This program is designed to empower individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, including but not limited to marketing, sales, customer success, finance, education, and administration, who are passionate about embracing new challenges and leveraging their unique skill sets to thrive in the tech sector.

Weekly Breakdown

Week 1

  • Identifying your skills - knowing what your transferable skills are

Week 2

  • Roles in tech - what’s out there for my skills set, what do the job titles mean

Week 3

  • Writing your CV
  • Writing cover letters that make an impact

Week 4

  • How to make your LinkedIn profile work for you
  • Event: Speed Mentoring (Syd)

Week 5

  • How to start your job hunt. A step-by-step process.

Week 6

  • Applying for the role

Week 7

  • Articulating your value
  • Women in Leadership - Panel event (Melb)

Week 8

  • How to know if it’s the right role for you

Week 9

  • Interview Prep
  • Preparing for presentations and Case Studies

Week 10

  • How to handle Feedback

Week 11

  • Negotiate that offer
  • Women in Leadership - Panel event (Syd)

Week 12

  • The right mindset - setting yourself up for success from day 1

*Specific topics are subject to change – these are for illustrative purposes.

Program Outcomes

On completion of the program, you will:

Take the step and power industry newcomers to succeed in tech, cultivating a skilled and diverse talent pool, and strengthening your company's workforce and the industry’s talent development as a whole?

Things you might like to know


$ 650
  • Includes all digital and face-to-face sessions
  • 12 months Strivin membership
  • Ongoing Support (Mentoring Lunch Club & Coach-led webinars)
Launch Price

Participants should expect to commit approximately 7-9 hours per each month.

The launch price of the program is $650 including all digital and face-to-face sessions. 12 months Strivin membership also included.

Interested participants can apply by emailing laura@strivin.io or by completing the registration form on this page by December 31st, 2024. The program start date is the 3rd of February, 2025.

Participants will have access to ongoing mentoring, lunch clubs, and coach-led webinars, ensuring continuous support and development even after the program concludes.

The Strivin program is tailored for emerging leaders, providing advanced and practical learning experiences, personalised coaching and mentoring, and a strong focus on building a professional network. It also emphasises creating an inclusive team culture and enhancing executive presence, which are crucial for modern leadership.

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Women in Tech Program?

This opportunity is open for tech companies who want to demonstrate their commitment to diversity, inclusion, and talent development by sponsoring a program designed to help non-tech women transition into tech careers.

Overall, sponsoring this program will not only unlock alignment with your company’s values but also strengthens your workforce and the industry as a whole by contributing to a more diverse and innovative tech community.

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