Women in Leadership

The journey to Leadership is not just a once off.  For women it is renowned to be uncommon v’s men. This course is curated to equip women with career confidence, to be part of a supportive network, to gain clarity on their authentic leadership style whether already in a leadership role or on the journey to one. It starts with an evaluation followed by an understanding of the strategic actions needed to progress towards continuously stepping into leadership. Leadership progress for women is essential across all sectors, especially in the field of STEM.

DATEWeekly for 8 weeks from Wednesday 27th March
TIME: 19:00 – 20:00 (AEDT)

What is the Women in leadership

The Women in leadership is a 8-week immersive program, designed by Protoscience & delivered in partnership with Strivin. Over the course of the program, career strategist Jo McCatty will guide you through the 7 stages of stepping into leadership. You’ll finish the course with a complete leadership roadmap, confidence in your pathway, and the opportunity to continue learning through peer mentoring or 121 ongoing coaching streamlined coaching for a particular area you want to hone in on.


Week 2 -
Why do you want to be a leader?

It is a known phenomena that more women leaders are an absolute must in the world we live in today. Just looking at the stats across Fortune 500 organizations, only 8.8% are at the C- suite level so we can see there is still more progress that needs to be made. So how can women themselves help with this agenda? Women can start by figuring out their own journey in or to leadership.

This first session helps you to figure out your leadership style and evaluate that vs your remit, the sectors as well as the  people you supply or serve. 

This is the start of the journey to Leadership; get clarity on the skills you have that form the anticipated success leadership profile.  

Week 3 - Professional Story and models of Leadership

Moving from session 1 the first part of this session is about crafting your professional story as a leader. If you want to be a leader you need to believe, think, speak and act like one. 

In the second part, you will understand why the unique skills and attributes that make you who you are, need to be taken up a notch. As humans we always want to grow, do more, be more, & add more value. Growth is one of the top human needs. Identifying the things that you enjoy doing with your leadership skills, will give some scope in mastering influence with colleagues, thought leaders, subject matter experts and the C- suite.

Week 4 - Personal Brand and your value proposition as a leader

The beautiful part of being or becoming more of a leader is that we get to socialize ideas that can end up being the very thing that other women need to hear. We can leverage things like LI to promote our own brand.You may often hear about ‘personal brand’ and how important it is when working with others or in building those effective long lasting relationships and networks. What you do & what you say is how people will perceive you. You will leave the session knowing the answer to what type of leader you want to be known as  & who you want  to show up as out there in the world.

Week 5 - Finding your voice

How do you articulate your value as a leader verbally?  Whether at a network event, an internal meeting, a client or customer engagement session. Do you come across the way you want to? Do you get to describe yourself the way you wish to be perceived? This is where you will learn why and how to prepare, practice and ‘perform’  authentically your proposition  to make sure you stand out – with your newly discovered leadership skills by simply being you with a big dose of self appreciation and  authentic self confidence.
As women, we need to be able to give ourselves permission to use our voice and do so in a way that we feel congruent with depending on audience of 1 or a group pf many.

Week 1 -
intro to group coaching 101 to get you set up for success!

This is all about spending 121 time with Jo getting to know her and each other over where she will guide you on what to expect out of the course, how to make the most out of it so when it gets to the sessions about your leadership plan, you will have a great set of robust actions that you will take for things that are a MUST for you right now and over the timeline of your choice. This depends on where you are at of course. Post this session you will have the clarity you need to proceed with self determination for the duration of the programme. You will also get acquainted with your fellow colleagues that will set the tone for the sense of community that is the wonderful by product of a programme like this. 

Week 6 -
Your Leadership Plan and Goals

A plan without a date and the actions towards this, is just an idea or dream.How do you make sure that you take massive action when it comes to stepping into your leadership?When you think of the types of responsibilities you want to take on, what types of skills you want to use, how you want to be striving  to get to that next stage in leadership – you need a massive action plan. Your plan should be the incremental steps that lead to the big outcomes you wish for.

Week 7 - Leadership mindset & values

The 4 things you need to use and leverage as a leader – Focus, Consistency , Self Determination and being values driven. In this session we will recap on how your mindset plays the protagonist in positively moving yourself from an individual contributor to having  a seat at the leadership table on an ongoing basis, where you want to be.

Week 8 -
1 hour Q&A group coaching session

This session will enable everyone to reflect on the key takeaways from the programme,  by also completing an exercise of articulating their own professional story, what type of leader we have uncovered in ourselves, to ask questions, unlock any remaining bottlenecks and piece everything together before taking those actions required for the exciting ongoing personal leadership plan & goals for the future that you have come up with. It’s here we will discuss the learnings, celebrate our wins and graduate with a WiL certification.

Your Coach

Jo Ioannidis

Head of People & Culture | Founder | Career Champion

Guaranteed side effects of this programme:

Self confidence

To be the leader you’ve always wanted to be. The process of having confidence is an ongoing art and skill we can all do with mastering.


Clarity on the leader you are and how that will change as you grow and evolve.


In how to articulate value, sharing your story with impact. 


Knowing how to take accountability to be an inspirational leader who can adapt to circumstances.

Frequently asked questions

What will I get out of this Program?

When you complete this program it is expected that you know the type of  leader you truly are or aspire to be.

How much commitment is expected?

You get out what you put in. It is expected that you play full out even on days you feel like you don’t want to, reframe the story in your mind and focus on your outcome. If you don’t take care of your career, who will?

What happens if I miss a session?

The sessions will be recorded. So if you do miss out, you can watch it before the next one. 

It is best to do it live if you can as it is the preferred option for you to get the best out of the learnings.

Do I have to sign the agreement?

Yes it is important that you sign and agree to the conditions set up before you start the program.

Will there be 1-2-1 coaching support?

Yes there will be 1 separate sessions (1  x 30 mins) during the  duration of the program particularly focused on embedded learnings and getting you ready to create your leadership plan and goals.

What is the best way to communicate with Jo during the program?

We will have a private channel in the Strivin app for the cohorts to talk amongst themselves and the option to DM Jo for anything more specific.

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The ‘Women in Leadership’ programme
A 8 week immersive learning experience, designed to equip recruiters with the insights, understanding  & strategies to progress towards stepping into their leadership.

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