Why you should make a habit of good habits


Still struggling with those sluggish summer feels? 


Hats off to anyone speeding around ticking off goals already 👏  For those moving at a more…leisurely pace, it might be time to set your intentions, mindset and targets for the year

Great, you say, I know exactly what my goals are.

But did you know the gateway to goal ticking is good habits? That’s why Strivin’s learning focus for January is all about setting (and keeping) healthy habits. 

So…here’s why you need those helpful habits, the ones we rate at Strivin HQ and where you can find some inspiring resources to get started.

Why do I need to set habits in the first place?

In a nutshell: they’re going to make your work (and personal) life a lot more fulfilling! That’s because good habits increase productivity, improve job satisfaction and help you achieve your goals

The beauty of habits is that you can change them anytime. Humans are adaptable creatures and we can rewire our brains if we choose to. In other words, when we do something repeatedly, our brains accept it as a habit – making it easier every time we do it

Take going to the gym. Some people jump at the chance to sweat it out; the rest of us have an arsenal of excuses up our sleeves to avoid it if we possibly can. But when it becomes a habit (for example, doing Pilates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday), it’s just…part of life. 


3 good habits you can start today 

Fun fact: if you establish great working habits, those disciplines will probably show up in other parts of your life. After all, being organised, hard working and considerate (or whatever healthy habits you pursue) are appreciated everywhere.

Here are some habits that will not only help your career development and growth, but also do wonders for your relationships – both in and outside the workplace. 

1. Be kind to others (and yourself)

Toxic workplaces are horrid. Getting caught up in these poisonous places sends stress, distrust and insecurities soaring – and frankly, that’s best left to reality TV. 

Avoid gossip, respect those around you and don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake. No one has all the answers and there’s nothing wrong with putting your hand up for help! 

P.S. If you make a habit of asking questions, others will probably follow suit. And a culture of questioning is a healthy one. 

2. Don’t be a lazy listener

Instead, listen actively, take in everything and try not to interrupt. That is, don’t lend half an ear to the chat while you throw around your own thoughts, reflections and ideas. 

We’re not saying those things won’t float around your mind (they will) but try to stay focused on the conversation that’s happening at that moment. Not one the one you’d like to lead afterwards. 

Think you might be a conversational narcissist (even some of the time)? This could be your year to break the habit!

3. Track your progress 

Making new habits (or breaking old ones) won’t happen overnight. That’s why it’s super important you keep tabs on where you’re at

Keeping a journal like this one is an easy way to list your goals, tweak them where needed and see the impact (however small) your habits are having. 

You can spend as much time as you need here, though we recommend devoting at least 10 minutes each month to the task. It’ll keep you honest, on track and headed towards your dreams. 

Remember: it’s not about how quickly you get there, it’s about charting your own course and learning along the way


Getting help for healthy habits

You’re in the driver’s seat as you hurtle towards healthy habits – and that’s empowering 💪🏻 It can also be intimidating.


Thankfully, there are plenty of maps (in many different forms) to get you there. In fact, there are so many incredible resources out there, it’s sometimes tricky to pluck out the pertinent points. 

So, here’s a solid starting place:

📚 Read 

💻 Watch 

🎧 Listen 

🧐 Events

  • Book Club – Tues 31st January @ 5pm (AEDT) – Atomic Habits, James Clear

Aspirations, goals and dreams are unique to you. But everyone can make them happen by setting (and sticking to) self-imposed good habits

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Why you should make a habit of good habits

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