Thriving in Chaos: Leading Marketing in 2023's Turbulent Terrain


What does it take to lead successfully in a challenging market environment like 2023?  Inflation, its impact on consumer behaviour and rethinking priorities means that marketing leaders need to be intentional and brave to flourish.

Thomas Barta, the World’s premier expert, author and speaker on Marketing leadership draws from his experience working with leading global institutions and innovative
marketers on this topic.

Leading Marketing in 2023's Turbulent Terrain

Inflation, Talent crisis, and ChatGPT—what matters right now? How can marketers tackle the challenges this year presents?

Drawing from his experience working with leading global institutions and innovative marketers, Thomas shares seven imperatives for marketing this year.

Through captivating stories and practical advice, Thomas highlights the strategies and tactics that enable marketers to thrive amidst adversity.

Thomas will provide key takeaways for 2023 leadership including – 

  • Leading marketing when cash is tight
  • The big shift in CMO priorities
  • Hybrid work challenges
  • Talent Crisis
  • Brand purpose
  • Artificial intelligence (Yes, that one)

About our speaker, Thomas Barta

Thomas Barta is the world’s premier expert, author, and speaker on marketing leadership. A former CMO and McKinsey Partner, his research includes the world’s largest ever study – involving over 68,000 assessments, on what makes for in impactful marketer.

Each year, Thomas speaks to thousands of executives around the globe.

  • One of the world’s most recognized marketing leadership experts

  • Former McKinsey partner, marketer and organizational psychologist

  • Author of the #1 marketing leadership book

  • The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader with Patrick Barwise

  • Founder of the global #1 Marketing Leadership Masterclass

  • Led brands and major transformations for over 20 years, in 14 industries, in 45

  • countries, for the world’s top organizations, including two dozen from the Fortune 500

  • Led the largest ever global study, involving 68,000 assessments, on what makes an impactful customer leader

  • Global Dean of the Marketing Academy / McKinsey CMO Fellowship,

  • Honorary Fellow of The Marketing Society

  • Trained more than 1,000 McKinsey leaders on impact without formal authority

  • Columnist for Forbes

  • Delivered inspiring keynotes to thousands of executives worldwide on behalf of

  • Adobe, Google, IBM, HSBC, SAP, and the Financial Times

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