The Power of Self-Reflection – How to get ready for 2024


Well, wasn’t that another wild ride!

As 2023 comes to a close and we turn our attention to another year, it’s the perfect time to take a moment and reflect. We’re not talking about putting together another list of New Year’s resolutions that you’ll never actually tick off. We’re talking about serious self reflection.

The practice of reflection is an extremely important tool for learning. Reflection helps us look at what works, what doesn’t and how we can improve and grow. We think it’s a pretty powerful habit to build – in fact, it’s not a bad resolution for 2024!

Reap the benefits of reflection

The benefits of reflection really are personal to you and what you chose to use this time to focus on, but here are a few possible positives you can get out of this powerful practice.

Learn from your mistakes

If we don’t take the time to figure out how and why something didn’t work, we’re more likely to make the same mistake again. Mistakes and failures shouldn’t be looked at negatively – doing that will just cause you to spiral into a pit of self-doubting doom. Instead, see them as an opportunity to learn and a pathway to improvement.

Get those great ideas

When we talk about reflection we tend to mostly focus on looking at what we’ve already done or what we’re currently doing, but what about the future? By looking at our successes and our failures, we can actually unlock new ideas and avenues for our future selves.

Help you help others

Now that you’ve taken the time to reflect and learn those lessons for yourself, you have valuable knowledge you can pass on to others. Whether it’s a team member going through a similar struggle you’ve already conquered, or a new challenge that shares similarities to something in your past, reflection not only helps you, but helps you help others.

A cause to celebrate

We all have a tendency to focus more on the negative than the positive. That’s why so many of us tend to overlook our achievements and just move on to what’s next. Reflection gives you the chance to stop and look at what you’ve achieved. Whether it’s a new promotion, securing a big client or just finally getting through that stack of paperwork, you did that! Own it! Celebrate it!

Find your personal process

But how do I actually do this whole self reflection thing? Well, that’s all up to you. Self reflection is a completely personal thing and so is the way you choose to do it. 

Maybe you practice daily, weekly, monthly or just once a year? Maybe you do it with your morning coffee or just before you go to sleep?

Maybe you prefer to sit and write out what you’ve been up to lately and let your stream of consciousness run wild. Maybe you prefer to give yourself the same set of questions to answer and watch how the answers change? 

Maybe you start by doing it for just a few minutes, but as you get more comfortable with the practice you find yourself filling an entire hour – that’s totally ok!

It doesn’t matter how, when or where, just as long as you are.

Don’t skip out on yourself

One of the most important parts of self reflection is that it’s consistent. 

Whatever time you’ve decided is right for you, make sure you show up for yourself. Whether you need to block it out in your calendar or escape to a quiet place to avoid interruptions, give yourself a space where you can fully commit to the practice. 

Get comfortable in the uncomfortable

Sometimes our self reflection can dive into things that don’t make us feel that great – mistakes, failures, what if we’d done this instead of that? When we start traveling to this place, it can feel uncomfortable and it might seem easier to just stop and walk away.

When you start to feel that discomfort, remember that this feeling is a sign that you’re learning, which is what self reflection is all about. Without exploring this uncomfortable territory, we can’t discover the new promised land of personal growth and self discovery! 

Remember, don’t be hard on yourself and instead of focusing too much on your fear or regrets, focus on what you can do with them.

Want to reflect with us in-person?

Yep, we’re not just telling you how good reflection is, we’re doing it ourselves, and we want you to be there with us!

As we move into a fresh new year, how do you prepare for what’s next? We’re hosting a LinkedIn live chat with a panel of industry experts on all the latest TA, HR and P&C info and insights for 2024.

If you’re ready to wrap this year up and prep for the next, click here to register today!


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