The Momentum  programme

An immersive learning experience, designed to help Talent Acquisition professionals design and start living their career roadmap.

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What is Momentum?

Momentum is a 7-week immersive program, designed by Protoscience in partnership with Strivin. Over the course of the program, professional coach Jo McCatty will guide you through the seven steps of career planning and daily practices (with an app to support you). You’ll finish the course with a complete career roadmap, confidence in your pathway, and the opportunity to continue learning through peer mentoring. 

Program agenda:

Before you begin: gain complimentary access to Strivin, where you can access learning materials and start networking with your cohort. 

  • Week 1 – Live session focusing on Self Evaluation
  • Week 2 – Live session focusing on Role, Professional Story, Options
  • Week 3 – Live session focusing on Your Personal Brand : Your value proposition
  • Week 4 – Live session focusing on Search Strategy
  • Week 5 – Live session focusing on Finding your voice
  • Week 6 – Live session focusing on Career Plan, setting your goals
  • Week 7 – Live session focusing on Maintaining Momentum

Your investment


  • 15 minutes per day engaging in your daily practice
  • 30 minutes per week on pre-reading/prep
  • 1.5 hours per week joining live workshops with Jo


$250 USD (introductory price). This programme is usually $1,500!



What will I get out of this Program?

When you complete this program it is expected that you will have your own Career Strategy Road Map that you can continue to iterate as you make progress towards your goals. This can be done to your timeline.

How much commitment is expected?

You get out what you put in. It is expected that you play full out even on days you feel like you don’t want to, reframe the story in your mind and focus on your outcome. If you don’t take care of your career, who will?

What happens if I miss a session?

The sessions will be recorded. So if you do miss out, you can watch it before the next one.

It is best to do it live if you can!

What is the best way  to communicate with Jo and LJ during the program?

Please use the link to the slack community and message in the group there.
We will have a private channel for the cohorts to talk amongst themselves and the option to DM LJ or Jo for anything more specific.

Do I have to sign the agreement?

Yes it is important that you sign and agree to the conditions set up before you start the program.