The Best Career Advice You Never Heard.


When it comes to your career, sometimes it feels like you could use all the advice you can get. 

Good advice is concrete and specific, while bad advice can leave the recipient feeling disheartened, like they’ve already failed, or headed off armed with a vague notion to “take a stand!” or “get noticed!”.  

Well, you won’t hear any of that with us. Read on for six golden nuggets of career advice. 

They’ve been collated just for you, for whatever stage you’re at in your career.

Be Your Authentic Self 

You’ve heard the expression ‘fake it ’til you make it’?

Putting on a persona that differs from your authentic self might seem like an effective strategy (especially in an interview). But Nathan Reese (co-founder of Swag n Send) shares his thoughts on why this isn’t the greatest idea.

“Be yourself. Be your authentic self because that’s what matters,” Nathan explains. “Why go in there putting on a fake persona and trying to fluff your way through an interview?”

Nathan’s career advice? If your authentic self “isn’t good enough,” then that’s no reflection upon you! It’s simply “a representation that it wasn’t the right alignment.” 

Become A Lifelong Learner – Strivin & Thrivin Episode 39

Every interaction is an opportunity to learn something new. (This isn’t just good career advice; it’s good life advice!)

Tech & talent advocate John Dawson agrees. “Talk to as many people as you can and learn from everybody you surround yourself with.”

Regardless of who went to a fancy school or has the most industry experience, go into each interaction expecting to learn something.  

“Be inquisitive and ask questions. If you give people time and respect, they’ll do the same to you. Looking at each experience as a learning option is the best career advice I can give. And I promise you’ll learn things along the way that you never thought you would have,” John assures us.  

Find Your Ikigai – Strivin & Thrivin Episode 43

Ikigai translates as “to live (iki) and reason (gai)”. 

The theory is that if you find your Ikigai, you’ll find purpose and joy in what you do. 

 “That model has helped me work out what I want to do with the rest of my life”, Mitch Parkins, founder of Build Brand Equity, explains. “It’s career advice, but it’s also life advice. Follow what lights you up, chase your passion”.   

It’s Cool To Be Kind – Strivin & Thrivin Episode 3

The golden rule we learn as children? Treat others how you would like to be treated. 

Being rude or discourteous only results in burning (potentially useful) bridges. 

Maria Kojevnikova reflects on the Maya Angelou quote ‘”I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

Take the time to cultivate relationships – You never know who you’ll end up working with (or for!) again.

The take-home message? It’s cool to be kind.  

Take control of your career – Strivin & Thrivin Episode 34 

Laura Scholey had a wake-up moment when she realised, “No one cares about your career as much as you do. No one else is going to do this for you.” 

After reflecting on where she was in her life, Laura asked herself, “Is what I wanted 10 years ago still what I want now?”.

It’s smart career advice, as well as a lesson in self-awareness. 

And the next step? Ask yourself “What opportunities do I need to take now?”

Know This: You Are Enough – Strivin & Thrivin Episode 16 

Now an Associate Director at Global Talent, Angella Clarke-Jervoise didn’t always love going to work. Early in her career, she accepted that she needed to make some changes to find her happy place. 

“When you combine your strengths and your values, you will be happier, more productive, you’ll have a better sense of wellbeing,” she tells us.

Angella believes that one of her most important lessons is about acceptance. 

“I wish I’d accepted that who I am is enough. I would have saved a lot of stress, angst, and frustration,” she tells us. “For any leaders out there, I will say, forget worrying about people’s weaknesses. Instead, focus on their strengths and look at using their strengths to make your working world a better place.” 

Feeling Inspired?

For more of the best career advice, listen to the Strivin & Thrivin podcast series.

There are a ton of episodes to get you feeling motivated – any place, any time.  



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