Strivin & Thrivin Ep 40. Matt Woodard – TA Leader


This week on Strivin & Thrivin, we speak with Matt Woodard, TA Leader.


Matt’s has been with Slalom Build for two years when we recorded the podcast and has been in recruitment for 15, starting his career in a small boutique agency in Wellington, New Zealand after immigrating from the UK.


In his own words, Matt revealed he’s always been someone who really likes people and has seen it as one of his biggest strengths since his first job at 18-years-old. He’s also admitted that the ability to relate and engage people is half the battle with recruitment. At Slalom, he’s identified other key areas that are imperative when introducing yourself to a market who doesn’t know you.

“I think resilience and hard work are the other key things. And as much as I love dealing with people, sometimes that adds huge levels of complexity and challenge. So, I think the ability to sort of grin and bear things sometimes is a pretty important element as well.”


Matt’s had some experience at some large companies getting in on a ground level and building them up. So, we wanted to know what it is about that build piece that he loves so much.

“I can find myself getting bored easily in roles, so I think the fact that I can get challenges that are longer-term, the fact there is a chance to actually help build and create and influence, and positively direct the future home for a company, I think is a big risk responsibility, but it’s also a fantastic challenge.”


Now, if you’re looking at moving from agency to in-house, Matt shared some advice for you.

“I would say if there’s a desire to do it, I think it’s a great career move, but I think it’s just understanding what it is, why it is you’re wanting to do that…it’s really important that you continue to bring your best, then that you are delivering the best kind of quality candidates.”


Finally, we asked how Matt switches off and unplugs from a job where there’s a huge amount of growth going on.
“I think it’s making sure that you sort of draw a line under it at the end of the day, that you switch off. When my kids get home, right about six o’clock, now, that’s it. Work’s done for the day, and whatever’s left, depending how urgent it is, can get done later or can get done tomorrow. There’s a line you have to draw. And I think making sure that you are disciplined, and you set time for yourself, for breaks, for your mental health, that you keep yourself balanced, you keep yourself healthy, I think are the key things. It’s easy to fall into a trap of just continuing to work because it’s there and because it’s right next to you at home.”

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