Strivin & Thrivin Ep 37. Lucy Wilson – HR Leader


This week on Strivin & Thrivin, we speak with Lucy Wilson, HR leader and founder of That People and Culture Company.

Lucy started her own business That People and Culture Co after 16+ years working in HR, she decided it was time to throw everything she knows together and create a company, which creates incredible people and culture experiences. 

We chatted to Lucy about what her first role was and how she got to where she is now.

“I was probably about 19, maybe 20. I had just lost my mum and I was at the Gold Coast driving around in this little red car, and a guy ran a red light and it ended up wrapping my car around the pole….. so I ended up smashing the car and crashing and going to hospital”.

Lucy was unable to walk too well after the accident and she couldn’t continue to work in her current role. A friend then managed to put her in touch with someone who had a role in HR going and as they say the rest is history. With a range of jobs in Sydney following that, Lucy has recently made her way back to Brisbane.

“I transferred back to Brisbane and took a Chief People Officer role with another scale-up, which was fun for the time that it lasted. But I think there was a bit of a values mismatch for me, probably for the first time in my career in a long time. So, I was faced with this decision personally, where like, “Is this something I can stay in? Or is it something I need to walk away from?” So, I walked away and did my time, finished up end of last year. And here I am.”

Lucy has had such a full career, and it keeps on going! We had to know what advice she’d give someone looking to follow in her footsteps, as well as the best advice she’s received.

“I think the best career advice I’ve ever had is to genuinely be yourself and be very clear on what your purposes and what your values are. And if it is not a match, do not go. If you have the option in your life and you get to choose, choose. Take the choice.”

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