2023 calendar and goals journal (hard copy, delivered), plus 3 months’ Strivin membership.

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Ready to take control of your time, habits and career in 2023? This bundle makes the perfect gift for yourself or others.

In this bundle, you get:

  • Printed 2023 calendar/diary
  • Printed 2023 goals journal
  • A 3-month Strivin membership 

2023 calendar (printed): For lovers of a physical diary – get organised with this printed calendar/diary combo where you can track daily, weekly and monthly events, plus take personal notes. To help keep you on track the calendar includes inspiring career quotes, links to learning playlists, book recommendations and more.

2023 goals journal (printed): Own 2023! This printed goals guide is what you need to plan, track and evaluate your goals throughout the year. Featuring questions to help you refine your focus and pages to help you track on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. Verified by certified career coaches and guaranteed to keep you on track. 

Strivin membership: Go beyond planning and start doing – your future self will thank you! With a three-month Strivin membership (valued at $60) you get immediate access to a network of mentors and coaches, learning resources, community discussions, weekly inbox inspiration and more. We can work with you to help turn your goals into smaller steps.