About Lunch Club

Strivin Lunch Club is a passion project from the team at Strivin. It is currently in its MVP stage (just like the Strivin platform), so for all you peer to peer learners and early adopters out there, we’d love you to come on this journey with us!

We believe we are all missing in person connection and that we can all learn so much from each other. Strivin Lunch Club gives you the chance to regularly meet peers in your local area for lunch. No agenda, just time to meet peers and chat. 

So what is Strivin? 

Strivin is a tech platform that is all about YOU. 

We care about your personal growth, not what you do for work or your current job title. We’re here to help you develop and succeed in whatever you choose to do. 

Take control of your career with Strivin – your personalised hub that brings together your experience with the content you want to see, connections you want to make and events you want to be part of.

Strivin – tools for your future.

How it works

Sign up for our Lunch Club, and we will connect you with other peers near you. We’ll send you the date, time and place. 

There are no agendas for lunch club. It’s about connecting with peers. Feel free to chat about work, challenges and triumps, and what inspires you.

Choose your crew

We have Lunch Club chapters for:

  • HR / TA / P&C
  • Marketing
  • CS and Sales
Tell us where you are

We want to hyper localise lunch club where we can. We know not everyone is going into the city every day so if lunch club in your local area rather than the city works best for you let us know. 

We'll send you a schedule

We’ll send you a schedule once a month where you can choose which lunch clubs you can attend. 

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hr / ta / p&c CHAPTER
marketing CHAPTER
cs and sales CHAPTER


Do you:

  • Love meeting new people
  • Want to expand your network?
  • Believe peer networking is key to personal development 
  • Want to find your tribe to share triumphs and challenges with?

The Strivin Lunch Club is for you!


You tell us how often you want to meet, what days and times work for you and where you are located. We’ll match you with peers based on your preference. We’ll book the cafe/restaurant and send you an invite with all the details. 

*Lunch club is in MVP stage at the moment so it works longer term will be dependent on your feedback! 


All those of us who know spending lunch with peers is the best way for us to spend our lunch break. 

We want to meet new people and build our networks. 

Right now we are just trying out lunch club – we’ll buy your first lunch in exchange for your feedback. Once we’ve collected feedback from the first few lunches we’ll work out the best way for lunch club to work ongoing. 

Great – send us a message at hello@strivin.io

Want to join Lunch Club?

Sign up to be kept up to date with future lunch clubs.