International Women's Day, 2024

In 2023, over the course of one week, we held nine International Women’s Day (IWD) events for over 500 people (plus hundreds more watching the recordings). This year we want to go even bigger!

We’re excited to announce an incredible lineup of 9 events covering everything from learning to back yourself, finding financial freedom and even a very special book launch. Sponsored by our amazing partners, HiBob & Swag N Send, we encourage everyone to join us as we celebrate the amazing women in our lives.

#IWD2024 Events

Discussion - Lead Your Way: Self-Coaching Strategies To Support Your Leadership

Being a leader is bloody tough! Managing complex problems, making tough decisions and balancing competing priorities, it seems everyone expects us to know how to do it all.

If you’re looking for a little help tackling the challenges of leadership, join international award-winning author and certified coach, Karen Stein, as she dives into some of the self-coaching strategies from her book, Be Your Own Leadership Coach.

Breakfast with HiBob - Modern Leadership

In celebration of International Women’s Day, HiBob will be hosting a special breakfast roundtable on 5th March hosted by Adi Janowitz, Chief Customer Officer at HiBob.

Managing a global team in a fast-growing global organisation  is both rewarding and challenging, and with it comes a big responsibility to lead, inspire and create a culture that employees love. Join Adi as she shares her insights and learnings on modern leadership, and facilitates the conversation on:

  • How to empower people managers to create an environment of inclusion and belonging
  • Building a culture of transparency and accountability
  • Effective engagement and retention strategies
  • Practical strategies to achieving  work-life balance for business leader

#IAMRemarkable Workshop

#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering people, particularly women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.

Many of us struggle when it comes to talking about our own accomplishments. Cultural and gender modesty norms as well as impostor syndrome can prevent anyone from acknowledging their remarkable attributes and expressing their achievements.

During this 90-minute online workshop hosted by Tova Angsuwat, you will learn the importance of self-promotion in your personal and professional life and be equipped with tools to develop this skill. Participants will be invited to challenge the social perception around self-promotion.

Rally the Troops! How to Be a Better Ally in Your Workplace & Close the Gap

We often underestimate the power we have as individuals to create real cultural change in our workplace.

With HiBob’s Growing Pains report finding that the current economic downturn is pushing other priorities to the top, it’s more important than ever to raise awareness for ongoing gender pay gap issues and be advocates for your affected colleagues.

Hosted by Pavi Iyer, join us for a panel discussion as we look at ways you can help amplify the voices of your colleagues and elevate their employee experience.

From Imposter to Leader - Shaping Modern Leadership with Women’s Unique Strengths

Most of us have fallen victim to imposter syndrome at some point in our career (maybe you’re still battling it). It’s time to shake off these self-limiting beliefs and discover just how strong you really are with Dr. Josephine Palermo, Director of Geared for Growth.

Join Josephine as she explores the issues of gender bias and stereotypes in the workplace and the unique strengths women bring to modern leadership roles. Uncover how to overcome your personal and workplace barriers and discover why empathy, collaboration, agility and diversity are vital for future-focused leadership.

Closing the Gender Pay Gap - Why Managers Are Key To Diversity & Inclusion

It’s time to close the gap and reopen the conversation. 

The gender pay gap has been a big topic of discussion in recent years, but there’s still plenty of work to be done. HiBob’s recent Growing Pains report found that the current economic downturn is only causing the gap to widen as companies battle with competing priorities.

Hosted by Jo Ioannidis, join us for a panel discussion, as we take a look at how managers and senior leaders can help switch directions and create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.

Let's Get Financially Fit

Are you ready to elevate your financial game? Join leading Financial Wellness Coach Betsy Westcott, as she takes you through a crash course on finding true prosperity and purpose in your financial journey. Betsy is qualified in financial advice, mortgage brokering and is a certified money coach – she knows money!

From setting empowering goals to mastering cash flow, taxes, investments and building financial resilience, get ready to be equipped with the skills, knowledge and awareness to take control of your financial future.

Creating fair, transparent and rewarding relationships in the workplace - this session is brought to you by HiBob

Organisations today are expected to lead with a people-first mindset and to make measurable progress against goals relevant to all stakeholders — from ESG to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to creating the future of work. This webinar explores the evolving social contract of work and the importance of creating fair and transparent relationships with employees.

Avoiding Burnout - How to Improve Work-Life Balance for Ourselves & Our Team

Burnout – it isn’t just the latest buzzword or something you can “get over”, it’s a very real issue that so many of us deal with daily. Not only does it negatively impact our mental health, burnout can also lead to decreased employee performance, increased absenteeism and impaired communication, just to name a few.

Join Career Coach and Personal Trainer Lauren Kress as they explore how to recognise the signs and symptoms, how to support others and uncover strategies to reduce the risk of damaging your well-being.

Learn how to tackle this issue head-on and discover the importance of setting boundaries and self-care. Uncover how to manage stress effectively to help build resilience, enhance self-awareness and cultivate positive relationships.

A huge thanks to our sponsors who helped make this week possible.


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