Celebrating some of the amazing women we have interviewed – IWD 2022

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Here at Strivin, we’ve interviewed some amazing women over the past year, and being International Women’s Day, we wanted to share a few of our favourites with you! 

Sarah Blackmore On How To Broaden Your Career Horizons

You’ll soon appreciate Sarah’s love and enthusiasm for the industry and her constructive outlook on things as she takes us on a journey back through her career and teaches you how to broaden your horizons to better understand the space you operate in. 

During our chat, we hear about Sarah’s job history and her approach to getting on the career ladder – something she feels fell into place later in life. Addressing the ever-prominent issue a huge number of us have faced – or are currently facing- of trying to figure out what you want to do as a career, Sarah tells us her road to starting out wasn’t so smooth and how temping set her off initially. 

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Pavi Iyer Explains Finding Her True Calling

As a young girl, Pavi thought she had her career mapped out and always envisioned she would be in a laboratory. Going from a medical chemistry student into a corporate business and finally HR, Pavi describes the overhaul she’s given her career over the years to find her calling in HR.

After more than 10 years, Pavi is a true advocate for her profession and we go on to discuss the highs of the job that make everyday feel like a welcome challenge. Throughout our conversation, Pavi enlightens us on how she identified, addressed and tackled these hurdles in her career as we reflect on some pivotal moments that got her to where she is now. 

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Angella Clarke-Jervoise Chats The Benefits Of Career Coaching

Angella has been at EY for the past 25 years, having filled eight different positions within the company, though mainly around recruitment, after being attracted to the idea of working for a large international company. Like many, she fell into recruitment yet found herself in a number of unhappy positions at various companies early on.  

It was during this period that Angella found herself confronting the issues she had at work, learning to be honest with herself and accepting that she needed a complete overhaul to find what was right for her. She’s someone who has taken to coaching and mentoring keenly, acting as a coach for others within her professional network as well as having her own coach to guide her. 

Angella helps us reframe how we think about ourselves professionally and playing to our strengths. Not only does this make a happier, more positive workforce, but it encourages people to double down on their strengths and build out from there.

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The Ins and Outs Of Recruitment With Caitlin Fairchild

Caitlin is recruitment through and through, having started down her career path ten years ago upon her move from the States to Down Under straight out of university. She’s stuck with it ever since, becoming more impassioned with it as time went on.  

Caitlin explains how she’s naturally an introverted person and how her training and development in the workplace has helped her leverage the strengths of being an introvert and succeed in a naturally extroverted industry. We take a deeper dive into the qualities of introverts and extroverts within the recruitment and HR space, and how each lends itself to great outcomes. 

Caitlin highlights the importance of having a firm understanding of the industry you’re operating in, the people who are passionate about it and the skills necessary to successfully recruit the right talent. 

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Weaving Your Passions Into Your Career with Jo McCatty

Like many postgraduates, Jo went travelling after university and settled in London with the intention of pursuing her science degree to a career in pharmaceuticals. When presented with an opportunity, Jo didn’t hesitate to take it up and hasn’t looked back since. 

Though, while her career moved away from the sciences, she’s remained an advocate for it and woven it back into her career today. We take a trip down memory lane to reflect on her career in recruitment and how the industry has served her over the years. Having worked in all corners of recruitment, Jo’s insight is broad and invaluable and we gauge how she believes success in this field comes with passion. 

Jo shares fascinating insight into how she juggles parenthood, a startup, a podcast and a part-time job and it’s an inspiring listen! 

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Knowing Your Worth And Finding Your Confidence To Help You Switch Careers With Anita Thompson

After having her son, Anita moved to London and took on the role of Senior HR Manager at Ashurst, which offered the opportunity to put her HR skills into practise at scale. She describes many of her professional experiences as ‘fun’ and is a strong advocate for the advice that you must, “Listen to your gut”. Following this mindset, she found herself at a start-up legal services company, and she hasn’t looked back. 

Anita decided to take the leap from HR to Marketing after seeing synergies between the two, from the communications side of things, to selling the employer brand and being challenged with the perception of being an internal support function. 

Anita stresses the importance of stepping up and acknowledging that you deserve a position at the table.

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