Growing Pains Event

In a time where burnout is on the rise, employee engagement has taken a hit  and the disconnect between HR and management is wider than ever before, how do you manage priorities while also planning for 2024?

Strivin and HiBob have joined forces to bring you a series of insightful events to help you tackle the current climate and keep your team thriving. This is one line-up you don’t want to miss!

Growing Pains Event Series

Webinar - Battling Burnout, Maintaining Morale and Protecting Culture

Today’s people leaders and HR teams face a unique challenge.

There has been a noticeable decline in employees’ mental health since the start of the current global economic downturn, with 75% of respondents to HiBob’s research report, Growing Pains, admitting they’re on the brink of burnout (if they’re not already there).

In uncertain times, how do we keep optimising output while also protecting the mental health of our employees and keeping our company culture strong?

Join us Damien Andreasen, Vice President (APJ) at HiBob chats with Hiam Sakakini, Founder & Culture & Leadership Expert at The Culture Equation.

Save your seat on Tuesday 5th December at 11.00AM AEDT and hear more about –

  • The key things that can lead to team Burnout & how to avoid them
  • How to equip managers with the right skills to support their teams
  • Leading from the top – normalise mental health conversations
  • How to retain culture in a downturn

In case you missed it....

Webinar - Developing Effective Performance Reviews for a Hybrid Workforce

When it comes to providing job security and career growth, a structured  performance review process can ease employees’ concerns and give them a clearer vision of their future within the company. However, HiBob’s latest research reveals that only 49% of HR professionals say their organisation has a formal review process in place. Adding to the complexity is measuring the performance of hybrid/remote employees.

Listen in as we talk with Elise Ward, Caley Zingerle & Charlotte Stofberg about how having rules and reviews can actually be a good thing.

Led by Vice President (APJ) at HiBob, Damien Andreasen, our expert panel will discuss the most effective ways to implement performance reviews.

We discuss –

  • How can you gauge an employee’s performance and productivity when you don’t see them in-person?
  • How can you run seamless 360-degree review cycles and deliver actionable feedback to dispersed teams?
  • How can you  prepare managers for performance reviews with their teams?
  • How can you optimise the performance process by setting clear, attainable goals for employees as part of their growth plan?

Webinar - Looking to the Future - Business Resilience and 2024 Priorities

HiBob’s new research, Growing Pains, discovered that mid-sized Australian companies are showing immense resilience despite the economic downturn, with two in five currently looking to grow headcount. It also revealed that HR’s top three priorities for next year are: 

  • Increasing employee retention
  • Attracting and hiring great talent
  • Improving employee engagement and wellbeing.

Join us and our panel of talent leaders, Rimonda Ohlsson, Nicole Karagiannis & Jamie Finnegan, as we take a moment to slow down, reflect and prepare for 2024.

Led by Vice President (APJ) at HiBob, Damien Andreasen, join us as we dive into what the current climate actually means for the next year in both business and HR.

A bit more about 'Growing Pains'

Growing Pains a HiBob report

After surveying over 400 Australian HR professionals, HiBob’s report, Growing Pains, has revealed some interesting insights about the impact of the current economic downturn on HR teams. From the gender pay gap and employee wellbeing, to company culture and financial cutbacks, we’ve all got a lot on our plate at the moment.  

To check out this research in full head just click here

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