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Our Founding Members

Naomi Paik

Senior Talent Acquisition

Naomi has spent more than 15 years in talent acquisition with global mining companies, professional services and not for profit organisations.

She loves exploring new ideas and partnering with HR / Marketing teams. You’re bound to notice her fervent interest in employer branding, changing the way job adverts are written, the set up / configuration of applicant tracking systems and user experience.

Naomi is eager to help others overcome self-doubt and become authentic leaders who support and inspire others at work, and in their personal life.

In her spare time, she is an avid reader and dabbles in abstract acrylic painting and resin art.

Watch our past events

The 2022 wrap up and the 2023 lowdown

So how do you keep up with the ebbs and flows? Can you prepare for what’s next? And how do you start having tough talks with your leadership team? Talking talent now and next year Get the latest TA, HR and P&C insights from our host Hung Lee and panel members Emer McCann, Pam Stevenson & Simon Bernadino.

Sourcing talent in a market that won’t sit still

Feeling twitchy about talent sourcing? You’re not alone. The past 2 years have seen us lurch wildly from panicked pandemic layoffs to desperate ‘oh, perhaps that was a knee-jerk reaction’ re-hiring. Somewhere along the way, we saw The Great Resignation and then the quiet quitters began their silent protest. So where to now? What’s on the cards for 2023? 

How are you communicating your EVP

Your newly developed EVP is so far from vanilla, it’s basically a packet of Skittles. But where do you go from here? How do you take that rainbow rhetoric into the everyday? And who ate all the Skittles? The art of communicating in colour. Kelly Stone & Kris Clelland guide you through executing your EVP with a splash.