Welcome to Melbourne!

Melbournites, you’re in luck!  Our Founding Members are Business Leaders who can make a difference in your network.  They also happen to be great humans.  We know time is short – best spend it where it really counts.

Our Founding Members

Micheal Delaney

People & Culture Leader

Michael takes start-ups and turn them into scale ups and then into global success stories.

He does this through combining the best people, processes, technology and systems and meld them into high growth engines built for long term success.

His professional life commenced as a Ballet Dancer which taught me many lessons that I still apply today. He began his Recruitment life working in the Agency space before moving into Corporate Talent Acquisition and now into People & Culture. This blend of experience gives him a unique perspective.

Jo McCatty

People & Culture Leader

Jo began her career as a scientist in R&D and worked in the chemicals sector in Australia until she chose to do what many Aussies do and go travelling. When she got to London after visiting quite a few destinations along the way, she embarked on joining a pharmaceutical firm. 

But, her career journey took a detour when a different proposition was offered into the domain of recruitment through them. And so, her recruitment career journey began and so too did her journey to motherhood and the need for flexibility.

After working in agency, exec search, in-house and RPO, she decided that assisting people with their career was really what she enjoyed within this sphere. This is how Protoscience was born – Protoscience is global coaching practice with a particular emphasis on women in leadership and STEM.

Jo is also currently now a Head of P&C. 

Deepak Singh

People Leader & DEI Consultant

Deepak wants to change his part of the world and has almost 25 years of experience working across CX, P&C and DEI. Deepak uses his strengths of kindness, empathy & meaningful connection to create outcomes that challenge biases to push cultural and systematic change.

Consulting in the People space, he has made a significant impact over the past 2.5 years, supporting over 200 individuals to pivot their careers, designing inclusive experiences and driving performance through people in early-stage businesses.

Before consulting, Deepak came from a more traditional in-house P&C path after pivoting from 5-star hospitality. He looks forward to jumping back into the tech sector to better apply his strengths to support ongoing and meaningful change.

Beyond work, you will find him cooking, falling off a skateboard or trying to keep up with his 2 little hurricanes.

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