Rally the Troops! How to Be a Better Ally in Your Workplace & Close the Gap

We often underestimate the power we have as individuals to create real cultural change in our workplace. 

With HiBob’s Growing Pains report finding that the current economic downturn is pushing other priorities to the top, it’s more important than ever to raise awareness for ongoing gender pay gap issues and be advocates for your affected colleagues.

Hosted by Pavi Iyer, join us for a panel discussion as we look at ways you can help amplify the voices of your colleagues and elevate their employee experience.

Join us on Thursday 7th March at 2pm and discover:

  • How to be an authentic ally – practical ways you can show up for your colleagues
  • Building belonging – how to create a safe space in your workplace 
  • Rally the troops – how to help others in your workplace see their potential to create change.

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Pavi Iyer


Pavi is a seasoned Global HR and Talent professional with experience leading teams and driving business results through people strategies.

With a passion for people and a talent for connecting individuals with opportunities, she brings a track record of developing and implementing innovative HR initiatives that drive employee engagement, foster a positive company culture, and support business growth.

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