How to Create Belonging in the Workplace

Belonging is a key component of inclusion.

When we feel truly included we are able to show up as our authentic selves. How as HR, TA and P&C practitioners can we create a sense of belonging for everyone in our organisations?

Join Kris Clelland, Sarah Blackmore, Michelle Hardie and Helen McGuire as they take you through how they are creating belonging in their workplaces.

What we hope you’ll take away:

  • An understanding of what it really means for people to feel like the belong at work
  • Why we should be focusing on belonging
  • Some practical ways to build a feeling of belonging within your workplace
  • And how to build belonging at every level

When we create a culture of belonging in our organisation, everyone wins.

Kris Clelland


Kris is an experienced Global Talent Acquisition Leader and Talent Strategist who has recently delved into the entrepreneurial world, creating his own Advisory & Consulting business focusing on Talent Strategy & Talent Management, DE&I, Talent & Employer Branding, EVP and Candidate Experience. With over 19 years experience in the workforce, he has developed a passion for people growth, progression and development and loves educating and teaching people, teams and organisations how to optimise and automate, allowing everyone to “Work to live” not, “Live to work”. His professional mantra is…”Do what you absolutely love, and not one single day will ever seem like hard work!”

Michelle Hardie


Michelle is currently Head of Strategy, Operations and Enablement, Australia and New Zealand at Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as a key player and chair of Women @ Amazon and an LGBTQIA+ advocate for local, national, regional and global business, within AWS and for the external community.

She has 28 years of extensive management consulting, sales effectiveness, strategy, business and operations experience across a wide range of companies and geographies. Michelle is a highly motivated leader and team player, driving real business change through people and diversity operations.

Sarah Blackmore


Sarah believes an organization’s biggest asset isn’t the product it sells or the customers it has. It’s the humans it is made of.

Her career to date has been based on the belief that people enablement drives business. It started with the focus of putting the ‘human” back into Human Resources, from the day the brand is discovered as a potential employer until they are alumni and beyond. All programs, policies and processes should be designed to evoke human emotion, which in turn drives behavior. At the end of the day its emotion that allows us to dream big and kick-ass or check out completely.

This belief isn’t limited to the world of P&C – it seeps into every single area of the a business. Fundamentally a business is run by its people and those people are support not only by P&C but at its heart; operations.

People & Culture, Human Resources, Talent Management (name your poison) IS Operations and the more we integrate how a business operates with their people in mind – the more we can get out of their way and enable them to do incredible things.

Sarah get’s her kicks from pushing boundaries, challenging assumptions and asking big questions that put people at the centre of how we run business.

Helen McGuire


Helen is a champion of under-represented groups and has worked in the diversity & inclusion space since 2015, including being Co-Founder & CEO of a diversity built and brown sourcing, talent management and talent analytics platform with Diversely.

She is a two-time founder with a background in Digital Marketing, Communications and D&I, and first founded women’s careers platform, Hopscotch, in 2015 in the Middle East. Experiencing frustration with the lack of impact of its in-person business model, she subsequently set up Diversely in 2020 with her Co-founder Hayley and are going from strength to strength, making true impact to people through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging.

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