How to be a better Ally in the workplace

As individuals we underestimate our own power when it comes to creating real culture change. So how do we become better allies in the workplace?

Join Michael Delaney, Lauren Farrall and Rod Moynihan as they take you through how they’ve become better allies in the workplace. 

What we hope you’ll take away:

  • An understanding of what it really means to be an ally in the workplace
  • Some practical ways to show up as an authentic ally
  • And how to be a strong ally 

Michael Delaney


Michael takes start-ups and turn them into scale ups and then into global success stories.

He does this through combining the best people, processes, technology and systems and meld them into high growth engines built for long term success.

His professional life commenced as a Ballet Dancer which taught me many lessons that I still apply today. He began his Recruitment life working in the Agency space before moving into Corporate Talent Acquisition and now into People & Culture. This blend of experience gives him a unique perspective.

Lauren Farrall


A born sales leader, her parents would say it was inevitable that Lauren would go on to spend over 20 years working for and with technology companies in a sales and sales leader capacity. Since 2003 she has worked for various digital first organisations including Upstream Technology, Forum Group and Salesforce and is considered to be an extremely hard-working, informed and generous technology leader.

Most recently, as Head of Retail Commercial, Salesforce, Lauren led the company’s growth strategy and go-to-market for the Salesforce Australia Retail industry business unit. She is a thought leader, business partner and trusted technology advisor and has been at Salesforce for almost a decade. During this entire time, Lauren has consistently been one of the most successful sales executives and sales leaders, whilst also delivering operational excellence, customer advisory, executive guidance and support, and all at an extremely fast pace.

Lauren’s driving values are family and passion and this is clear in the way she approaches love, life and work. Her greatest passions are mentoring and motherhood; she has two beautiful children, aged 15 and 2. Lauren studied Performing Arts and Media and is a prolific (and speedy) reader of all types of books, papers and publications. Lauren loves the gym, and in a past life was a fanatical runner, now choosing a slightly more gentle approach to exercise with pilates, yoga and strength training.

Lauren is a passionate advocate of trust-based parenting and leadership and is keen to invest more time and energy with volunteering at Creative Arts Therapy Australia, in particular with teens/tweens as she believes this is an area severely lacking in support and resources for children of the covid era.

Rod Moynihan


Rod commenced his Technology career in 1998, moving from the relative safety of Brisbane to move to Melbourne for a role to grow and lead an emerging Technology business. Since then, Rod  has been entrusted with numerous roles across many local and global technology companies. In these roles, Rod has been exposed to every aspect of business, beit, Sales, Marketing, People & Culture, Revenue & Commercial Operations, Technology & Systems, Partner Ecosystems and customer engagement. 
Having been in numerous leadership roles at, SAP, Microsoft, Accenture and Zendesk, his exposure to the inner workings of domestic and global technology companies is extensive. 
Having a deep passion for assisting companies to transform both their Customer & Employees experiences, through processes design and technology has led Rod to be invited to numerous board, Advisory Board and start up communities positions. 
Rod‘s leadership style has always been about creating environments for innovation, expression and change. when we get this right with the right environment for people to expand and release the inner greatness, great things happen for everyone….the individual, the collective team, the customer & the companies overall success.
Rod splits his time between his own company and several boards and charities. When not involved in these pursuits, Rod has 2 teenage daughters & his partner of 23 years.  

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