Finding your Self Worth & Career Confidence

In this 60 minute workshop Jo will help you work on your purpose, intention and confidence to help you demonstrate that having self worth doesn’t mean sacrificing your vulnerability. 

Self worth is what makes you feel like you can have it all, defining what the ‘all’ is, on your terms.

*this workshop is limited to 20 attendees 

Jo McCatty


Jo began her career as a scientist in R&D and worked in the chemicals sector in Australia until she chose to do what many Aussies do and go travelling. When she got to London after visiting quite a few destinations along the way, she embarked on joining a pharmaceutical firm. 

But, her career journey took a detour when a different proposition was offered into the domain of recruitment through them. And so, her recruitment career journey began and so too did her journey to motherhood and the need for flexibility.

After working in agency, exec search, in-house and RPO, she decided that assisting people with their career was really what she enjoyed within this sphere. This is how Protoscience was born.

After attending a self development seminar in 2018, thanks to Success Resources, she took the brave step.

Then more officially in 2020, whilst still working in TA, she kick started her global coaching practice. More women started seeking support and the common themes that came up were lack of confidence in their own abilities, especially if they were a working mum.

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