Developing Speaker Confidence

Mark Twain once said “There are two types of speakers: Those who get nervous and those who are liars.” A fear of public speaking is more common than you’d think and this workshop is the ticket you need to overcome your hesitant relationship with presenting. 

Liv from Glow has created this 60 minute public speaking workshop to inspire and encourage people to embrace the power of communication in the business world. 

Build the skills you need to feel confident in your public speaking ability.

*this workshop is limited to 12 people

Olivia Rose Solomons


Olivia joins us from her company GLOW where she has been working with an array of businesses to assist in supporting and upskilling their employees with their speaker confidence, presentations to audiences whether that be in-person or to a camera, and guiding teams to develop their brand and presence through smartphone video creation whilst kicking any imposter syndrome in the butt!

Olivia has a diverse background as a professional actor, MC and presenter, improviser, and voiceover artist, as well as start-up and corporate experience in the recruitment, HR, and TA industries.  

Her creativity and enthusiasm for professionals becoming more present, compassionate, and confident when talking to audiences via cameras, screens, and in-person events, along with her storytelling skills and tips and tricks from the trade will be an interesting and fun 60 minutes together!

Join us on Friday 10th March at 10am

For our 60 minute Developing Speaker Confidence​ Workshop

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