Building Equality into your Hiring Process

We all want to work for companies that can effectively recruit and manage a diverse workforce.

TA, HR and P&C leaders everywhere are being tasked to increase workplace diversity but many of us are finding it  hard to move the needle?

How can we do more and really start moving the dial on our own equitable hiring processes?

Join Hassanah Rudd, Jane Bianchini and Dij Thulasi as they take you through how they are building equitable hiring processes. 

What we hope you’ll take away:

  • How to understand how  your current process is helping or hindering your efforts to hire diverse candidates right now
  • How to break down your hiring process to start improving equality at every stage of your hiring process
  • And how technology can help you build a more equitable hiring process 

Hassanah Rudd


Hassanah is an high energy practitioner, passionate about creating high-performance teams.
She’s built her base in People, Talent Acquisition and Human Resources services, and has a proven track record of success in People leadership roles, across multiple industries and specialties.

Jane Bianchini


Jane Bianchini has over 20 years experience in the IT and HR/Recruitment industry and was the founder/CEO of the Alcami Interactive, successfully acquired by Criteria Corp in 2021.

Throughout her career, Jane has held senior executive positions across both large public and small private companies, leading high performing successful organisations, recruiting technology and sales professionals across Asia Pacific.

Jane exemplifies the essence of being a true entrepreneurial leader. She is well known for her courage, resilience and boundless positive energy.

Coupled with Jane’s unique ability to achieve results on both the business and technical side, she holds a strong reputation for her HR expertise and as a person with sound business acumen, knowledge, integrity and professionalism.

Dij Thulasi


Dij has over 12+ years’ experience in end to end Talent Acquisition with a mixture of skills in leadership, operations, projects and sourcing.

Currently he works for Slalom/Slalom Build Australia in a role where he heads up the Talent Engagement function for the Australian Market.

He work’s with the business to understand their workforce planning to drive and deliver future pipelines and talent pools. Another component of his role is the talent attraction and engagement strategy – selling the “employer value proposition” to the external market by running campaigns to activate “Employer Brand” and to attract, engage and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Check out the recording

of our 60 minute Building Equality into your Hiring Process Webinar.

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