Employer Branding & Value Propositions

For business owners, people leaders and People & Culture whizzes, we’re bringing you a series of live streams, workshops, content and mentoring to help you get to grips with Employer Branding and how to build your EVP so that it stands out. We’ll be exploring; what it is (and is not), what’s working (and what’s not) and how what we can do better. 
Quila Cervelli LinkedIn Live

Kicking off with LinkedIn Live

With a panel of EVP experts and hosted by the wonderful Quila Cervelli – Tuesday, 26th July at 10am. They’ll be sharing what they think makes a good EVP, how you can get started and who they think is doing a great job with this. You’ll also find out what they are doing with their EVP and what they wish they were doing.

In-person workshops

In-person or online; take the opportunity to deep dive into how other people are building their EVP. This is your chance to hear from peers or, if you’re already nailing it, to share the wealth!

These sessions will be limited to groups of 10.


Ongoing learning & mentoring

Exclusively for Strivin members, continue the learning journey with ongoing support, including learning playlists (curated content to help you delve into the topic), online discussion groups and peer mentoring sessions. We can also connect you with coaches to help you chat one-on-one about your personal situation.

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