Eat, Sleep, Check on Your Mental Health


While there certainly weren’t many positives to come out of Covid, one thing we did see was an increased conversation and focus on mental health. The reality of being stuck inside for months helped shine a nice bright spotlight on mental health issues and saw more support systems put in place than ever before. Businesses also got on board and got better at talking about and checking in on the mental health of their employees. 

But we’re all only human. We can get so focused on how everyone else is feeling, often we can forget to check in on ourselves. We want you to slow down for a minute and take a moment to reflect on how you’re looking after yourself. Is it time to shine a bigger spotlight on your own mental health?

There’s no such thing as perfect

We all know we should try to sleep at least eight hours, drink eight cups of water a day, get an hour of exercise and have a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables. In an ideal world, we’d all be able to fit all of this in everyday, but guess what – we don’t live in an ideal world. Sometimes we get busy, unexpected things pop up, we don’t always have the ability to stick to a routine. So, be kind to yourself!

If you need a little daily reminder, take a moment to write down three things you did do for yourself that day (whether perfect or not). Give yourself props for the small things, they matter too.

It’s ok to say no

For those of us who are people-pleasers, this can be a tough one. 

Maybe you’ve overcommitted yourself to work projects or tried to cram one to many social events into a week.

If you’re spending all this time doing things for or with others, where is the time for yourself?

It’s important to learn that it’s ok to say no. You can always go on a lunch date another week. If your plate is already overflowing, your work colleagues will understand (if they don’t, that’s not your fault). 

Keep some time free in your busy calendar to slow down, rest and check in with yourself. Without a moment to focus on you, your mental health suffers. If you’re not at your best, how can you give your best at work or to your friends? Decide what projects or events are most important to you and for the rest, take a rain check. 

Eat, Sleep, Move, Repeat

Whether you’ve been cooped up all week in an office or haven’t left your house since last Monday, it’s time to stand up and get some sunshine. It can be easy to get lost in sitting at our screens all day, everyday, especially when things get busy. It’s important to remember you need to eat, sleep and move! 

Eating is often one of the first things we forget to do when we get caught up in our work. Your body and brain need fuel to be able to keep working at their best. Whether it’s the food you take to work or keep in your cupboard, make sure you have some tasty, nutritious snacks and meals nearby that you’ll be excited to eat. Also, don’t forget to drink your water.

Whether you prefer a walk, a run or even a bike ride, make sure you take some time each day to move your body and soak up some vitamin D (don’t forget your sunscreen). You may not always have an hour in your day to commit to a full workout, but even a quick walk around the block is better than nothing.

It’s ok not to be ok

Even with self-care routines in place and doing all the ‘right things’, we can still feel less than 100%. It’s important to check-in.  

Whether it’s a friend, family member or work colleague you feel comfortable with, try setting up a daily or weekly check-in with each other. This is a time where both of you can talk about how you’re feeling, with no judgment. 

Whether meeting up face-to-face or catching up over a Zoom call, having someone to talk about how you’re feeling, what’s been happening or even just the best memes you saw that week, can make you feel less alone.

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