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Meetups that help you find connection in your community and tackle the ever-changing People & Culture landscape.

A Safe Space to Connect and Learn

We believe in the power of people and finding connection in your community, so we’ve put together a series of events to help all of us tackle these changes together. From managing a multigenerational workforce to creating inclusive cultures and hiring top talent – these are just some of the topics we’ll cover in the coming months. Our in-person events and webinars aim to create a safe space for you to connect with and learn from like-minded people who share your struggles, challenges and priorities.

Our next event

Gen Z at Work: How Engagement Shapes Retention

We find ourselves in a unique era of workforce management. 

Never have we had such a wide-spanning intergenerational mix in our organisations and never have the needs and complexities of each been so different. Coupled with an increasingly technologically reliant world and overexposure to information, it’s time we talked about it.

Let’s get together, clink a glass, and explore: 

  • Harmonising the dynamics of different generations
  • The importance of Gen Z; providing progression paths and preparing for key yearly milestones
  • Fostering relationships and aligning values in a multigenerational office

PLUS! Connect with your community – take the time to network with other attendees following the discussion.

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