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Meetups that help you find connection in your community and tackle the ever-changing People, Culture & Talent landscape.

A Safe Space to Connect and Learn

We believe in the power of people and finding connection in your community, so we’ve put together a series of events to help all of us tackle these changes together. From managing a multigenerational workforce to creating inclusive cultures and hiring top talent – these are just some of the topics we’ll cover in the coming months. Our in-person events and webinars aim to create a safe space for you to connect with and learn from like-minded people who share your struggles, challenges and priorities.

Our next event

Attract, Retain & Develop Top Talent

Businesses can’t scale and grow at a rapid pace without the right teams in place, and it’s no surprise that the ability to hire and engage talent ranks among a leader’s top challenges. 

However, it has been increasingly difficult to find and keep talent who both have culture fit and the right skills. According to recent research, one in five Australians quit their jobs last year. Why are they leaving? Better pay, a healthier work-life balance, more flexibility, and a stronger sense of purpose. 

What can you do to attract and retain top talent, and create a truly inspiring workplace?

HiBob and Strivin are pleased to invite you to an evening of great conversations and networking with Melbourne’s Talent community where we’ll discuss:

  • The pivotal role of culture and leadership in talent attraction and retention
  • What makes a great hire and how do you measure the quality of hire?
  • How can managers forecast hiring needs accurately in alignment with business priorities?
  • Practical tips on how to create a truly inclusive and positive culture that employees love

A bit more about HiBob

Transforming how organizations operate.

HiBob is on a mission to transform modern business HR operations with its HR platform, Bob. Leading the way for the future workplace, Bob offers resilient, agile technology that wraps all the complexities of HR processes into a game-changing, user-friendly tool that touches every employee across the business.

Say ‘hi’ to Bob. The modern HR platform for modern business.

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