Career Pathways Management Programme

Career pathways management is an experience or process that all professionals need to take accountability for.  Everyone can take charge for their what next and leverage all the resources at hand to figure it  out. No matter the career circumstance, this program can help uncover what it is people want to do with their skills, right now and frame the possibilities in the future. Consider this your very own career development journey and the outcome is the ‘career strategy road map’ that you can take with you and update as you progress to new career destinations. This is an immersive learning experience, designed to help professionals like you, design and start feeling fulfilled in your career.

DATE: Weekly on Wednesdays for 8 weeks – join our waitlist for Feb kick off 2024!
TIME: TBC Evenings (AEDT)

What is the Career Pathways Management Programme?

The Career Strategy Road Map is a 8-week immersive program, designed by Protoscience & delivered in partnership with Strivin. Over the course of the program, career strategist Jo McCatty will guide you through your seven stages how to create pathways that matter to you. You will end up with career strategy road map and the daily practices that will continue to keep you on track, so you feel like you are owning your career, and not the other way around. You’ll finish the course with a complete strategy, the mindset,  confidence in your pathway, and the opportunity to continue learning through peer mentoring or ongoing coaching.


Week 2 - Self Evaluation

To get started on this program, this first step is the most critical.

In this session, you will do some reflection and take a deeper look into sense of ‘work self’ where the past connects to what the future possibilities hold. Doing a personal analysis on yourself is important. Often it is others that we seek validation from when it comes to our skills, our value or our worth. This session will leave you empowered and with clarity on your unique skills and attributes.

Week 3 - Professional Story and Role Options

The first part of this session is about how you articulate your professional story. It started when….and then you will fill in the rest.

In the second part, you will understand why the unique skills and attributes that make you who you are, need to be taken up a notch. As humans we always want to grow, do more, be more, & add more value.  Identifying the things that you enjoy doing with your skills, will give some scope in the types of role options that could be possible for you to embark on in your future. 

Week 4 - Personal Brand and your value proposition

Who do you want to be known as  & who do you want  to show up as?

You may often hear about ‘personal brand’ and how important it is when working with others or getting to know others to build those effective long lasting relationships and networks. Understanding the importance of this in your career is the output of this session along with some hints on how to enhance the two things that you need to keep updated all along your career journey connected to your personal brand.

Week 5 - Finding your voice

How do you articulate your value? Do you come across the way you want to? Do you get to describe yourself the way you wish to be perceived? This session is not about singing. It focuses on connecting back to achievements, defining moments and big decisions by answering a series of questions selected  from an exhaustive list and then sharing it out loud. This is where you will learn why and how to prepare, practice and perform authentically to make sure you stand out – by simply being you with a big dose of self appreciation.

Your Coach

Week 1 -intro to group coaching 101 to get you set up for success!

This is all about spending 121 time with Jo getting to know her and each other over a 30 to 45 min where she will guide you on what to expect out of the course, how to make the most out of it so when it gets to the sessions about your career strategy plan, you will have a great set of robust actions that you will take for things that are a MUST for you right now and over the timeline of your choice. This depends on where you are at. Post this session you will have the clarity you need to proceed with self determination for the duration of the programme.

Week 6 - Your Career, Your Strategy

Successful people figure out what they want to achieve and then use their network, but they also carry out research, they use their nous and drive to create a strategy of how they will get to the ‘what’.

When it comes to your career, this is no different. Having an approach and using tools to map out the people to talk to, the businesses to research, the opportunities that others are executing that you want to explore more about; by setting the intention of what you want to strive for and how, this forms the stepping stone to get you to write the ultimate career plan in session 6.

Week 7 - Your Career Plan and Goals

A plan without a date and the actions towards this, is just an idea or dream.

How do you make sure that you take massive action when it comes to your career?

It’s not just important when seeking a new role that you need a plan. When you think of the types of responsibilities you want to take on, what types of skills you want to use, how you want to be striving to get to get to that next stage – you need a massive action plan. In this session you will be given the Rapid Planning Method used, tried and tested by professionals in the leadership and self development space.

Week 8 - Momentum

The 3 things you need to reach career fulfilment – Focus, Consistency  and Determination. Others call it ‘hunger’. In this session we will recap on your career strategy road map and how your mindset plays the protagonist in positively moving your career where you want it  to be.

After this session we’ll schedule a check in with Jo and the rest of your cohort in a months time to see how your momentum is going. 

Jo Ioannidis

Head of People & Culture | Founder | Career Champion

Guaranteed side effects of this programme:

Self confidence

And putting the priority back into your career starting with you.


On what you want to go for or what skill you want to prioritise mastering.


In how to articulate your career story with impact.

Take Control

Knowing how to take control of your career through having a strategy, a plan and momentum to achieve it.

Frequently asked questions

What will I get out of this Program?

When you complete this program it is expected that you will have your own Career Strategy Road Map that you can continue to iterate as you make progress towards your goals. This can be done to your timeline.

How much commitment is expected?

You get out what you put in. It is expected that you play full out even on days you feel like you don’t want to, reframe the story in your mind and focus on your outcome. If you don’t take care of your career, who will?

What happens if I miss a session?

The sessions will be recorded. So if you do miss out, you can watch it before the next one.

It is best to do it live if you can!

Do I have to sign the agreement?

Yes it is important that you sign and agree to the conditions set up before you start the program.

Will there be 1-2-1 coaching support?

Yes there will be 1 separate sessions (1  x 30 mins) during the  duration of the program particularly focused on the career plan)

What happens at the end of the 8 weeks?

We aren’t just going to abandon you at the end of the 8 weeks.  We’ll also put you into a peer mentoring group in Strivin so you can check in with each other monthly and Jo will be available during these sessions to offer an advice or nudges in the right direction.  You can also choose to have 121 VIP continued coaching with Jo.

Who is this program for?

This is dedicated to anyone wanting to progress their career and take accountability. There is also one specifically catered to TA/Recruitment professionals.

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Career Strategy Road Map Programme.
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