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Career Advice Quotes: Strivin’s Top Picks


Say it with us; “I am not an island.” 

By nature, you’re imperfect, you’re not always sure of yourself and you’re not always right. In short: you’re human. 

That’s why you turn to others for advice and guidance. Even when you don’t ask directly, you naturally soak up career stories and observe what others do while that wonderful brain of yours subconsciously helps you connect the dots to guide your future decisions. 


We’re big believers in seeking advice

It’s important to tune in to those around you to help enhance your thought processes. 

Your childhood, your general disposition and your own personal experiences will directly impact things like your perception of social interactions or aversion (or inclination) towards risk.

So, it’s in seeking the experience of others that you’re able to open your own eyes and mind, get a fresh perspective and – you guessed it – grow. 

And isn’t that just a bloody great opportunity? Yes. So, let’s get on with it and share some advice!


Career advice best bits

We’ve had the immense pleasure of interviewing hundreds of amazing leaders and mentors for the Strivin and Thrivin podcast. Along the way, people shared a whole host of advice; from eye opening and profound, to direct reminders of what’s important. 

And there were some key themes, from making mistakes, to directing your personal growth. We summarised our top 50 pieces of advice in the eBook, ‘50 pieces of advice from 50 leaders’, which you can download free here.

But, in the meantime, here are our top picks from each category. 


Advice on career development

“Everyone has their story and not everyone has had the same experiences as you. You can take advice but then decide whether you put it into action or not. I took a leap of faith in so many situations in my life, and I’m here today.”

Thanks, Quila Cervelli

In summary: it’s your life. Be open minded, seek opinions, but, ultimately, you know your truth and can make your own (informed) decisions… A nice reminder as you read the rest of the advice in this blog.


Advice on finding your passion

“Don’t be afraid to try different environments and different kinds of work and see what sticks.”

Thanks, Sarah Blackmore

In summary: your career isn’t a straight line (have you watched the Squiggly Careers video?) and these days no one expects your CV to show a perfect ladder climb. Dip your toe in different waters and eventually you’ll find your passion.


Advice on personal growth

“If you’re not learning, and you’re not growing and you’re not driving some sort of change in yourself, then you’ll never stay at the top of the game.”

Thanks, Andrew Sully

In summary: be humble and accept that there’s always more to learn; the world is changing at a crazy pace and you need to keep up, so seek opportunities to expand your skills and your thinking.  


Advice on leadership 

“You don’t have to try to emulate some other manager that you had because you think that’s how you need to manage. You need to be relatable. You need to show a level of vulnerability so that your people know that it’s okay to come to you and that it’s okay to tell when they’re not okay.”

Thanks, Lynne Johnston

In summary: if you want to earn trust and get the best out of your team you need to display real authenticity. It’s time to get comfortable with being vulnerable. 


Advice on mentorship

“People who are successful don’t tend to do it by themselves. They tend to do it in a team.”

Thanks, Scott Crowe

In summary: if you want to be successful you need to surround yourself with coaches, mentors and people that can lift you up. Even super-confident, extrovert CEOs will have an army of formal and informal mentor relationships that helped elevate them to where they are today.


Advice on human connection

“It’s more about having champions … It’s about surrounding yourself with people who have got your back and who are active supporters of you.”

Thanks, Anita Thompson

In summary: we don’t need to say it again, do we? OK, one more time. You’re human and you need other humans. 


Advice on making mistakes

“I always like to fail forward. I’ve fallen on my face a million times and made more mistakes than I would ever admit to. But through each of those comes a learning, right? And so from that learning, I just learned not to do it again.”

Thanks, John Dawson

In summary: turn negatives into positives. Is it even a mistake or failure if you turned it into a growth opportunity? 


Advice on self-belief

“Every day, my internal voice continually tells me how shit I am. And it’s only at an older age that I’ve sort of learned to balance that with the facts … I always tell others – 99% of people are trying to figure it out on the fly.”

Thanks, Mitch King

In summary: you’re probably not alone when you feel insecure because everyone else is trying to navigate this crazy life, too. Find ways to let your rational voice surface whenever you’re feeling anxious.


And another tid-bit, just for fun

“You have to be comfortable with the fact that changes are constant and willing to embrace that. No two days will be the same and it can be a lot of hard work.”

Thanks, Matt Woodard

In summary: shit happens. One day you’re casually going about your business, the next day you’re in lockdown and fighting over loo roll. Change will be the only constant in your life. You’re not alone and you’re going to be okay. 


Finally, thanks!

Thank you to all of the amazing contributors to our eBook for the endless supply of career advice and funny anecdotes to help us realise that we’re all on this crazy ride together. 

You can get your copy of the eBook – which includes links to each full podcast episode and links to connect with the contributors – here.

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