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Four steps for goal setting

Whether they’re little or lofty, your ambitions matter. It’s important to set intentions
for the year, month, week and even day ahead, crafting clear targets that we can remember, reach for and realise.

Start with some self-refection that helps you understand your current state of mind and life. Ask yourself things like, “how is my health?”, “am I happy in my relationships?”, “what could improve at work?”

You have to be able to identify with your goals in order for them to stick, so they need to align with what you truly hold dear. Take a moment to write your values down. They might include things like; personal growth, philanthropy, physical fitness.

Remembering that you can’t control everything, identify the changes you’d like to make and which values you’d like to place at the forefront of your goals. Prioritising will help you focus.

Identify the big goals that you want to aim for and, for each, break them down into one or two smaller steps (or micro goals) that you’ll be able to track weekly or monthly. This will help the long-term goals look less scary.

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